Alexandre, new team member

Alexandre joined us in The Philippines to discover and work on our project during one mission. Here is his portrait!


” I was working in hospitality for the last fews years in several hotels and restaurants. I was living for the last year and a half in London and more i stayed in this City more I realized that it was the opposite of what i wanted : I always had this idea that i wanted to give sense to my life. Then I realized that I was in the wrong place to do so. I wanted to change my way of living. I wanted new challenges. After some times doing this job, an idea started to grow on me : I was only happy when I could bring smile on people’s faces. It started getting bigger with this question ‘Who do I want to make smile?’ My conclusion was that I wanted to bring smile to Orphans’ life. How hard is your life without family around ? Wouldn’t you want to smile for a while ?

So I found what I wanted to live for. But I needed to start somewhere. Then I remembered an old friend from high school, Mathilde. I was always amazed by her kindness and the last time I saw her she had this marvelous project to go around Africa and Asia to help female social entrepreneurs with one of her friends Berengere. So I contacted her to see if it was possible to join and help them. And here I am ! After only a week in the Philippines, I understood why they decided to start Why-Not Women. I am experiencing a total different way of living and culture from Europe, and I love it ! So, why-not ?!”