` Our first days in the Philippines were magnificent. As Mathilde used to work for a local NGO – Gawad Kalinga – we decided to go and visit for a week time. The IASIS Center team – a wellness center implanted in the Gawad Kalinga NGO – were waiting for us at the airport and welcomed us to the center.

IASIS is a hotel-restaurant and wellness spa that provides traditional therapies to anyone who is willing to go through detox. A Detox program aims to help you get ride off toxines from your body. IASIS is not only a wellness center. Contrary to common spas, IASIS embraces the idea of wellness as a whole, which includes body, mind and environment..

In order to take care of your body, the center offers several services from massages, sauna to yoga and organic food diet. To appease the mind, IASIS provides meditation and relaxation sessions within a peaceful and natural environment. Residents are also welcomed to commit to the NGO activities (farming, social entrepreneurship) in order to experience cure through self-giving. Finally, all products used/cooked in IASIS are locally sourced and organic (as much as possible) so as to respect the environment and support the local economy. The social vision of IASIS is fully supported by the entire team that was the very first beneficiaries of the treatments and healthy life style proved by the center. The staff training expenses have been entirely covered by IASIS and benefits are redistributed to the NGO.


IASIS wants to help its clients to adopt healthier life style practices. Clients benefit from a nutritionist diagnostic at their arrival in order to adapt their diet and activities program for the length of their stay. Wholeness trainings are also offered to the visitors to help them adopt daily healthy practices once back to everyday life.

Staying in IASIS would benefit your body, soul and be beneficial for the poor communities around you. Doing good to others while doing good to yourself! Why-not Women thanks IASIS for its generosity and warm welcoming. We wish you the greatest success as this will benefit all of us.

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