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The why-not woman –
Originally from Uganda, Carolyne moved to Tanzania to teach computer science and ICT. Upset with the poor proportion of women among her students, she first started a club where they could meet and create a network to support each other. It was a first step, but not enough. Carolyne knew that gender gap in ICT started as early as in primary school, with prejudices and stereotypes. She also found that ICT was a perfect tool to go far beyond her original objective: why-not bridging the gender gap in general, and not only in ICT? Fully dedicated to this objective, she quit her job and founded Apps and Girls in 2013.

Apps and Girls –
Apps and Girls is a NGO based in Dar Es Salaam. In one-year existence, Carolyne and Apps and Girls founded coding clubs for young girls in 9 different schools. She and her 9 other volunteers are providing weekly coding trainings to these girls. Those trainings are enabling girls to design their own project: answer a social or economical need through ICT. Not only those girls changed their perception of ICT, but they also developed useful skills for their future career, entrepreneurial skills, they gained self-confidence, and a strong sense of what are their rights and the feeling that they can fight for it by themselves. For example, one group of girls is creating a website in swahili to inform about frequently pregnancy diseases and solutions to cure them. In total, more than 240 girls benefited from Apps and Girls’ trainings.

In addition, Apps and Girls did other holidays workshops, summer camps and training intended for young girls or women with small businesses, all designed to provide women with ICT skills.

Why-Not Women and Apps and Girls –
Our main objectives : Structure Apps and Girls and design a communication strategy to raise funds
Length : 1 month
Results : We worked on the official documents to structure Apps and Girls, all the communication supports, and focused on event management for their Hackathon Competition in December where girls will present their final projects. We established/wrote down :


  • December event: partnership proposal and prospecting ; brochure ; previsional project planning and budget

  • Communication: brochure and video about Apps and Girls

  • Official documents: 1 moral report and 1 financial report

  • Accounting management training

  • Girls beneficiaries’ interviews with article and video

  • Carolyne’s interview with article and video

  • Grant allocation plan with budget

  • Advices about long-term strategy with project budgeting

  • 1 Hold-Up (creative event) for Apps and Girls about “How to change parents’ bad perception of ICT?”

  • Mapping of potential partners

  • Project development: creation of international partnership with online mentors/volunteers teaching ICT to girls

Carolyne’s testimony –

« My message to Why-Not Women is: I have a lot to say in my heart but do not know which word to use.
You are really awesome, B and Mathilda, you really helped me a lot in Apps and Girls, I have learnt a lot from you. What you have done for us, communication, financial management etc., most of those things I had never heard of. Today we had a hold-up, it is my first time, I never could have thought about those ideas. It is the best experience I have had with you, and staying with you was so interesting to me. You shared your laughs, were willing to sacrifice your time for Apps and Girls, this is so unique and special, and you have fulfilled my long-term dream, I always wanted to work with international volunteers, and here you came. So I don’t know how I can summarize it, I am so happy and so thankful to what you have done for us, and you provided a spark for Apps and Girls to go further! »

Carolyne Ekyarisiima


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