Jagriti Yatra – India

A tour in the tour –
In India, we took part in the Jagriti Yatra. This is a 15-day project around India, where 450+ young talents and professionals, mostly from India, are gathered in a train to discover challenges the country is facing and innovative solutions. This project wants to unleash youth potential to act through entrepreneurship for the social good.

After the Jagriti –
After the Jagriti Yatra, we spent 1 month in Bombay, working on the development of a potential woman entrepreneurs’ network for the JY. We also listed projects that could be included in the itinerary the following year. During our stay, we were generously hosted by an NGO, Gurukul, welcoming kids from poor areas of Bombay during morning or night activities.
We also took time to write an article about Pooja, an awesome entrepreneur we met onboard ! Find the article here

JY participants’ testimonies about Why-Not Women



“Bérengère and Mathilde are a living example of the Why not philosophy; Why not take a semester off from a great university to explore the world and find discover women social entrepreneurs? Why not work for world class organizations to learn and make change? For al of these questions – along with their focus on women social entrepreneurs – they have flipped the conversation from why to Why not? Changing the conversation removes many of the barriers that allow entrenched social problems like gender inequity to continue. Spending time with them, I felt inspired to be better and to begin working to discover women social entrepreneurs myself.” – Zubin.

His NGO: Project Potential



“Je me souviens encore du premier jour, lors de l’inauguration du Jagriti Yatra, à me demander où étaient les Why-Not-Women (elles sont en retard !); encore quasi méconnues de la brigade indienne (mais pas à mes yeux) avec qui nous allions vivre une expérience indescriptible et inoubliable. Le Jagriti Yatra m’a permis de découvrir le monde à travers un autre regard, de trouver ma source d’inspiration et d’élargir mes horizons. Force de son ambition et de sa motivation sans fin, Bérengère a pris part au commencement d’un de mes projets entrepreneuriaux qui n’a malheureusement pas abouti. Je suis persuadée que le prochain sera pour nous !
Le projet Why-Not-Women, qui consiste à promouvoir et développer les projets d’entrepreneuses sociales en parcourant le monde, ne peut être qu’une grande réussite; lier conviction et passion leur a permis de relever un sacré challenge.” – Liliane.



“The Why Not Women project is inspiring! Not only did Mathilde and Berengere resolve to enhance lives of women entrepreneurs around the world but also explored themselves through travel. They bring with them a world of passion and bouts of energy to change the way world is. Their perspectives on world economy, mass migration and governance from a western point of view stirred refreshing and interesting discussions on the yatra. They easily gel with people of varying cultures, dissolving differences and finding commonalities in universal values like friendship and love.

I wish them the best in their journey and hope to meet them again in another part of world!” – Sonal.


“2 women exploring the world to find women who are creating the positive change in the society would have been an ordinary project. But ‘Why-not Women’ helps them magnify the change by helping them in multiple ways. Being an entrepreneur, I believe in execution more than the idea. Mathilde and Bérengère have proved it and the title ‘Why-not Women’ too because travelling the world is not easy. Hoping to see more success in this project because this capable of creating an impact in the life of many around the world, directly or indirectly.” – P Yuv Raj.

His company: The First Meal – We serve our love as the first meal of the your day so that you can spread the love through out the day by your work effectively.


“What would I write about your project? I don’t know much about it. We never really discussed it. I suppose we were too busy showing each how vastly diverse we could be but weren’t. It was a pleasure to meet you two simply because of an easily moulded bond that we slipped into. It might have been out of convinience or maybe it was the interest in storiejy1s that we shared. Your tales definitely intrigued me. They made me want to escape and then later come back to reason with my escapades. At once, I would feel liberated and closeted by the possibility and then the despondency in the world. Moreover, they were beautifully told over the greater goodness of shared meals and experiences. Then again, I suppose this is the very point of Why Not Women. You are creating, assimilating and sharing stories from wherever you go with whoever you find on the journey. Helping those who need help whether they know they need it or not. For me, it was a pleasure to find you two. To travel the length and breadth of the Indian nation with you. After all, it is the moments we cherish that make up a lifetime. As they say, we will always have India (maybe Paris too, someday).” – Eric.


JY founder’s testimony –

« At Jagriti, we have a strong belief that women are an equal partner in building India through enterprise. We admire and whole-heartedly support the vision of Why-not-Women, which is committed to promoting and supporting women entrepreneurship. We are glad that both Mathilde and Bérengère participated in our national train journey, Jagriti Yatra, and shared their experiences with the female participants, to their benefit. We look forward to engaging with WnW.

You will be glad to know that we have launched a 50-50 campaign to achieve 50% participation of the women on the train. »

Shashank Mani



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