Miteri Recycle Centre – Nepal

The why-not woman –
Radha comes from a remote rural area in Nepal, and has always faced discriminations about her origins or her height. With a background in nursing, she then decided to pursue her studies abroad and came back with three master degrees. Despite of a comfortable job in public administration that made her family proud, she finally decided that instead of nourishing her own bank account, she would dedicate her life to help people nourish their own one to meet basic human needs. She is also a civil-war survivor that put in place a blood bank to save lives during this tragic episode. She founded AWON, Actions Works Nepal, on the principle of action over lip service, and assists primarily rural, poor, and marginalized women and families to live dignified lives.

Miteri Recycle Center (MRC) –
Miteri Recycle Center is a social business part of Action Works Nepal, a NGO based in Kathmandu. In one-year existence, MRC collected 300 pieces of clothes each month to send it in remote areas of Nepal to help people to face winter and cold. People do not die of cold, but of lack of clothing. In order to cover transportation costs, generate a revenu for women there and preserve people dignity, clothes are repaired and sent brand-new there, where they are sold by local women at a symbolic price. Find out more here:

Why-Not Women and MRC –
Our main objectives : Design a business model and a 1 year action plan for MRC
Length : 1 month
Results : We worked on the strategy of Miteri Recycle Center, designed an action plan from which we initiated the first steps, starting with marketing strategy, communication strategy, partnerships and supply management. We established/wrote down :


  • Christmas collection event: in partnership with Alliance Française, we collected hundreds of clothes in one week

  • Official documents: 1 annual report and review of the financial report

  • Website creation and training about communication management

  • Mapping of potential partnerships

  • Radha’s interview with video

  • Partnership settled with 3 institutions

  • Advices about long-term strategy and business plan draft

  • 1 Hold-Up (creative event) for MRC about getting more donors?”

  • Market study of similar projects

  • Financial analysis

  • 1 Crowdfunding campaign to come

Radha’s testimony –

« The project Why-Not Women, what you are leading now is complementary of the peace building process we achieve through AWON. You, young ladies are doing such a fabulous job, I am really impressed. I can see it in Nepal but I know it is something bigger, already globalized, you will connect so many entrepreneurs around the world. We are really grateful to you. »

Radha Paudel


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