The project



Our vision
“A society in which social entrepreneurs and students are unifying to be change makers, supported by public and private sectors, for a sustainable and inclusive development.”

Our philosophy
“Female entrepreneurs have sustainable solutions for the society concerns. We have to promote and support them to upgrade their impact and to create a positive dynamism in our society.”

Our action
For each social entrepreneur we will work as external consultant with two goals :
1/ Structure their enterprise as to ease their access to philanthropical funds used as capital-development : accountability, communication strategy, brochure, financial reporting, moral reporting, business plan, impact reporting, partnerships proposals, grants applications
2/ Improve their business model and find innovative solutions to make them sustainable in the longer term : business model review, financial analysis, stakeholders analysis, market segmentation, access to social entrepreneurs networks, business strategy

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Bérengère Daviaud
Master Finance and Strategy, Sciences Po

As a young person, I aspire to show that the young generation is firmly ready to shape the future in this period of global awareness. As a young women, I strongly want to demonstrate that despite a lot of social barriers, each women can empower herself and be a change maker in her own life and for her society


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Mathilde Thorel
Master International Development, Sciences Po

Passionate about social business, I strongly believe in youth potential and the strength of sharing inspirational experience as a tool for change. Passion-driven, I dream to go all over the world and reveal charismatic personalities and innovative projects.



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